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Keep your health when retiring

Dancing : If you are interested in dancing join a dance class. The good thing about it is, if you are interested you get totally into it giving 100% yielding 100%.

Time : You should do aerobics for 20 minutes daily straight. You can always divide it into two 10 minute sessions.

Walking : You are going for a walk, why not take the stairs instead of elevator. Taking a walk after lunch or before dinner, watching some nice things in the surrounding wont hurt you. Try taking a walk in the neighborhood every day. Park your car a little disctance from your normal parking place. While going shopping, walk for 10 minutes – so your are done with it for the day.

Swimming : Swimming is a far better and most effective exercise than walking and dancing described above, and can be done even when having a health problem (in most cases). Ask your doctor.

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