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By morning, scared she might kill herself, Johnson went to an emergency room at one of the hospitals where she used to work. Her former manager was in the waiting room when she arrived. “That was rock bottom, when I went to the ER where I worked and told them I was going to kill myself if I didnt get help,” she said. Recovery rewards After more than 10 hours in the hospital ER, Johnson …

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Q: What kinds of health insurance options are there for a college graduate who doesnt yet have a job and can no longer be covered by her parents health plan?

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With a struggling economy, you might feel like you’re paying more for everything, but you may get a break when it comes to prescriptions. Pharmacy chains like Kroger, K-Mart and Walgreens now offer hundreds even thousands of prescriptions for a few bucks.

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It’s getting costlier to stay healthy. For many, health insurance is going up. And for some of us, a trip to the pharmacy can just about break the bank. But…

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Quotes from many different carriers, for example Pacificare, Kaiser, Blue Shield, HealthNet, Blue Cross, Universal Car. Individual and group quotes are given online in seconds. No CommentsTags: Insurance

To stay fit some health tips are essential:

Dancing : If you are interested in dancing join a dance class. The good thing about it is, if you are interested you get totally into it giving 100% yielding 100%.

Time : You should do aerobics for 20 minutes daily straight. You can always divide it into two 10 minute sessions.

Walking : You are going for a walk, why not take the stairs instead of elevator. Taking a walk after lunch or before dinner, watching some nice things in the surrounding wont hurt you. Try taking a walk in the neighborhood every day. Park your car a little disctance from your normal parking place. While going shopping, walk for 10 minutes – so your are done with it for the day.

Swimming : Swimming is a far better and most effective exercise than walking and dancing described above, and can be done even when having a health problem (in most cases). Ask your doctor. No CommentsTags: health

The AmPmInsure Community is an online community which is trying to provide you with all the information about insurance. It is covering not only health insurance, but also other insurances. There is a lot of helpful information, and in addition a good forum as well where one can ask any insurance related query or share their insurance experiences. No CommentsTags: Insurance

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CAMDEN Tom Ledue, an educator and Democrat with 25 years experience, is running in this Junes primary election against fellow Democrat U.S. Rep. Tom Allen, as both men seek a chance at Susan Collins Senate seat at the polls in November.

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Free market does a pretty good job in delivering a whole range of goods and services. However, healthcare services can’t simply be compared to running coffee shops or selling cars, says the author.

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Making it to Medicare has become one of the biggest challenges for baby boomers who retire or are laid off before 65. Noone can be certain nowadays, that full Medicare insurance coverage will be available to ensure your personal health.

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