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Dancing : If you are interested in dancing join a dance class. The good thing about it is, if you are interested you get totally into it giving 100% yielding 100%.

Time : You should do aerobics for 20 minutes daily straight. You [] [Read more ]

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The AmPmInsure Community is an online community which is trying to provide you with all the information about insurance. It is covering not only health insurance, but also other insurances. There is a lot of helpful information, and in addition a good forum as well where one can ask any insurance related query or share [] [Read more ]

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CAMDEN Tom Ledue, an educator and Democrat with 25 years experience, is running in this Junes primary election against fellow Democrat U.S. Rep. Tom Allen, as both men seek a chance at Susan Collins Senate seat at the polls in November. [Read more ]

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Free market does a pretty good job in delivering a whole range of goods and services. However, healthcare services cant simply be compared to running coffee shops or selling cars, says the author. [Read more ]

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Making it to Medicare has become one of the biggest challenges for baby boomers who retire or are laid off before 65. [Read more ]

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Dog reunited with Phoenix family almost 2 years after theft A white pit bull named Piggy was reunited with his owner and her two children Thursday in south Phoenix nearly two years after the dog was stolen from the owners home in Texas. [Read more ]

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If you are a baby boomer who retired or was laid off before age 65 and have shopped for individual health insurance, you probably know how expensive these policies can be. [Read more ]

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PROVIDENCE The states bus system could suffer both a fare hike and a service cutback to respond to financial setbacks, Rhode Island Public Transit Authority officials said yesterday. [Read more ]

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THE HEALTHPACT PLANS unveiled last summer by R.I. Health Insurance Commissioner Christopher F. Koller to help make health insurance more affordable for small businesses have attracted few subscribers, OHIC figures show. [Read more ]

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Sherry Murdoch, a single mom from Mount Pleasant, is eating more homemade ham-and-cheese sandwiches for lunch. Colon Jones of North Carolina didnt take his granddaughter to the beach for a vacation last summer, and he probably wont this year, either.

And 26-year-old Carl Wright of Daniel Island will be paying close attention to fuel efficiency when he trades in his gas-guzzling heavy-duty [Read more ]