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With affordable health insurance constantly becoming more and more of a mere pipe dream for more and more people, the times clearly call for a deeper consideration of buying it than most people ever give to the matter.

One of the problems with considerations of affordable health insurance is simply ignorance on the part of the public. People do not stop to consider their true personal needs and therefore dont take the time to look into the different policies and options that may be available to them.

But another problem with the issue of affordable health insurance is that so many people dont pay for all or most of their health insurance at all: instead, their employer pays it and takes a small deduction (if any) out of their pre-tax paycheck, a deduction with they quickly become conditioned to never miss.

Insurance in any context is typically characterized by low premiums, a high deductible and limited coverage. But in the U.S., this gets turned on its head by collusion between the government and insurers (and the public just asks for more and more). Health insurance is characterized by super high premiums, low deductibles, and comprehensive coverage. Just imagine how high your auto insurance premiums would be if your plan covered oil changes and tire rotations!

This has led to much outcry about health insurance reform in this nation; but for the time being you have to deal with whats laid before you.

So, the way to begin searching for more affordable health insurance if you have to pay for your own is simply to accept a plan that pays out in fewer circumstances and starts paying after a higher deductible threshold.

If you do this, youll need to take a careful personal risk assessment first. What is your health like? What is your family medical history like? Do you have any special needs? If youre looking for a family plan, what are the answers to these questions for the members of your family? Youll also want to be informed on preventive medicine, or ways of living a healthier lifestyle so you wont need to use or risk the need for payouts from your health insurance as much.

Another consideration you may come across is duration of needed coverage. Perhaps you are looking for a health insurance plan only because you are in between jobs but you fully expect to find a new job very soon, and one with benefits. Again, you may want to cut costs by (admittedly) taking your chances on a lower premium, higher deductible, less comprehensive plan to tide you over before you can get back to having a small deduction taken from your paycheck once again.

One of the very best solutions to this conundrum for people who are self-employed is the MSA, or Medical Savings Account (sometimes called the Archer MSA in honor of the congressman who helped create the MSA by sponsoring its amendment, Bill Archer). The MSA is a savings account that earns tax deductible interest for medical expenses and works a lot like an IRA. The account owner makes contributions and earns interest on those funds. These interest gains are tax-deferred or tax free when withdrawn for medical expenses. There are usually limits on annual, but not on lifetime, funding of the account.

MSAs are a more affordable health insurance because they have relatively low premiums and higher deductibles, and the premiums are further offset by the tax-free interest growth.

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While many people want to secure an insurance plan, some of them take time to find the quote that they want. This is because the business is going at all time and what used to be affordable have now become far beyond the reach of the ordinary people. Nevertheless, ordinary people or not, the it is something that you want to avail of especially to provide you for your health needs by the time that you need it and by the time you can no longer work. Since health insurance nowadays is quite expensive, what many people look forward to is to be able to avail of online discount quotes.

There are many ways to get an insurance quote and one is to go to the company or call them. The


Short term health insurance is a great product for those transition periods between employers. The policy offers options for the number of months you want coverage and some allow a one-time renewal without qualifying health questions. This feature is important, so read each application carefully.

Today, no one can afford to go without health coverage. When you consider that a week in intensive care can run upward of $250,000, a major accident or illness can destroy your entire financial future. Even less catastrophic health problems can set you back for years. Health insurance is the only affordable way to handle most medical problems. If you develop a major medical problem when you dont have coverage, insurance companies can deny or postpone future coverage due to pre-existing conditions. In other words, you


I know that choosing the best health insurance plan can be very confusing. After all, most of us are not benefit professionals, and we need to wade through a lot of details to get to that right plan. Our parents generation probably had it a lot easier. For one thing, health care was not as expensive. For another thing, fewer options existed. They might have chosen a standard indemnity plan from a major company, or just been handed one from an employer. But now, we face higher costs and more choices, so we need to be more educated in order to choose a plan that fits our needs and budget!

PPO plans are still the most popular health plans on the market, especially the individual market. The main part of a